More from Hannah

Thanks so much to Hannah for these 2 fixes. She had this to say:

Insomnia sucks, but I feel like I am accomplishing something the world desperately needs to see accomplished.

Godspeed, Rumer Repair Squad.

Thanks Hannah!


5 responses to “More from Hannah

  1. Looks like Jay Leno and Cher had a baby.

  2. these last 2 pics look like angelina jolie eyes and nose was posted on her face she doesn’t even look the same, I think she is beautiful without all the photo shops

  3. I have no idea why you’re wasting so much of your life photoshopping and editing pictures of Rumer Willis… You must seriously have entirely WAY too much time on your hands… and to be quite honest… the edited versions of Rumer look NOTHING like her. The whole point and talent behind being able to successfully photoshop a picture is to STILL make it look like the person with only minor alterations. In the first one, she looks like Kate Hudson after photoshopping her… In the second one, I have no idea who she’s supposed to look like… her eyes are very wide apart.

  4. this is honestly terrible photoshopping. what a waste of time.

  5. I’d sure as hell like to know what you look like! A jealous screwed up individual who I can predict will not post this comment. you are truly sad!

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