Happy New Year, Rumer-ettes!

We’re back after the New Year ready to tackle more of that which is known as Rumer! We all know what her New Year’s resolution should be: STOP GOING OUT IN PUBLIC!

Anyway, here at Fix Rumer labs, have mixed emotions about the feature “House Bunny” grossing around $49 million at the box office. I mean, good for the economy, good for Rumer. Not so good for the rest of us. Did you see those previews? Who went to see this!? Is this a sign that we as a nation are getting dumber, willing to settle for a sub-par plot with an unnotable cast? And it means more work for us at the Lab, more long hours away from the wife and kids. And more movie roles for Miss Willis. Has she no mercy?

Oh, and Rumer’s a redhead now. Or she was last time we checked. By our calculations, she has been a brunette, a blond and now a redhead. Good for you, Rumer. Good to set goals and meet them.



One response to “Happy New Year, Rumer-ettes!

  1. i think she look a little bit like taylor swift in the photoshopped one

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