Bad color

Not the hair. We almost like the hair. I mean, it’s like putting a bow on a turd, but it’s a cool color. No, that lipstick just was not good! No bueno!! In truth, that’s the least of our problems. Still, it bugged enough to change it in the edit.


Also, I know it looks like we just pasted Demi Moore’s face onto Rumer’s head… but this is what Rumer would actually look like if her genes didn’t get scrambled in the womb.


7 responses to “Bad color

  1. this is seriously one of the best photoshop works i’ve ever seen?? do u also airbrush?

    this is really looks so good, flawless editing. great job!

  2. She looks much much better in the before, She is beautiful!! You must me jelous of her or something.

  3. you people are doing gods work, keep it up.

  4. Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you guys are assholes. why are you putting her down? just because your upset with the way you look and because your probably jealous that your not in a movie, doesnt give you the right to put her down. shes a beautiful person and you people are just ugly! ugly fucked up people. you dont know if shes the nicest person in the world and your putting her down, fuck all of you and get a life!

  6. This site is so nasty.. why don’t ya’ll put a pic of yourselves and let us judge?

  7. Ithink she is gorgeous.Still young and trying different things.Searching…
    If her chin bothers her so much,he has plenty of (mulla)money to do it.To be honest ,it is who she is,and she’s doing good ,it looks that way to me.Her mom changed a lot through out the years ,,,honestly ,she is prettier then her mom at that age.She is pretty,UNIQUE,different ,beautiful in many ways,she models,if she is Happy who cares about the chin???she not asking no one to carry it for her,untill she does,,,,Rumer,stay as you ARE”’you are loved,you endeed are Beautiful””””

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