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Bad color

Not the hair. We almost like the hair. I mean, it’s like putting a bow on a turd, but it’s a cool color. No, that lipstick just was not good! No bueno!! In truth, that’s the least of our problems. Still, it bugged enough to change it in the edit.


Also, I know it looks like we just pasted Demi Moore’s face onto Rumer’s head… but this is what Rumer would actually look like if her genes didn’t get scrambled in the womb.


Happy New Year, Rumer-ettes!

We’re back after the New Year ready to tackle more of that which is known as Rumer! We all know what her New Year’s resolution should be: STOP GOING OUT IN PUBLIC!

Anyway, here at Fix Rumer labs, have mixed emotions about the feature “House Bunny” grossing around $49 million at the box office. I mean, good for the economy, good for Rumer. Not so good for the rest of us. Did you see those previews? Who went to see this!? Is this a sign that we as a nation are getting dumber, willing to settle for a sub-par plot with an unnotable cast? And it means more work for us at the Lab, more long hours away from the wife and kids. And more movie roles for Miss Willis. Has she no mercy?

Oh, and Rumer’s a redhead now. Or she was last time we checked. By our calculations, she has been a brunette, a blond and now a redhead. Good for you, Rumer. Good to set goals and meet them.


Another Fix

Sorry we haven’t posted in a while. Due to the economy crashing, our funds ran dry for a bit. But here’s a little fix we had waiting in the wings:

More from Hannah

Thanks so much to Hannah for these 2 fixes. She had this to say:

Insomnia sucks, but I feel like I am accomplishing something the world desperately needs to see accomplished.

Godspeed, Rumer Repair Squad.

Thanks Hannah!

Maybe she’s onto something

Maybe we are being narrow minded here. Maybe Rumer is a highly adapted human. Maybe Rumer’s chin is similar to how squirrels grew bushy tails to aid balance. Makes you wonder what her chin will enable her to do?

  • Increase chewing ability
  • Dissipate heat
  • Warn predators
  • Store water
  • Evade reproduction

Check out the bloodshot eyes in the original.

“I had to fix her make up for her wtf?!”

FR Technician Dana seemed especially troubled with Rumer today. But it was all worth it!

Yay Erin

Graphic designer and close friend to FR Labs fixed some vintage Rumer pics (notice the long hair). Erin really went above and beyond by doing two! She had this to say:

It’s hard to tell whether or not I’m fixing her too much… every liquify just feels so right.

It’s definitely not as simple as it seems. It’s more than just the chin….so much more. Anyway I’m going to go lay down, this much facial reconstruction work has been physically draining.

We hear you Erin. Loud and clear!